Ateliers Staub SA is a company of interior design and creation of high-end custom-made furniture built in 1979.


With more than 40 years of activity, we have developed an important know-how allowing us to realize the most demanding and complicated creations. In addition, we have a solid subcontracting network active in a wide variety of sectors.

Thus, we offer services in the following fields:

  • creation of tables and objects in solid wood and epoxy resin
  • realization of contemporary furniture
  • manufacturing wine cellar and cupboard
  • creation of watch cases and caskets
  • conceptualization of contemporary layouts
  • installation and installation of minimum Vitrocsa windows
  • establishment of 2D and 3D plans and CAD drawing
  • custom artistic creations

We take great care in the choice of the materials used and work with different types of materials such as wood, metal, stone, epoxy resin, corian or glass. Particular attention is also paid to the reliefs, design, light, perspectives, energies and the overall effect that the realization produces in the space.


It all began in 1979 in Lausanne when François Staub, a young entrepreneur, decided to set up his own business. The company was quickly successful and expanded and then moved to the industrial zone of Aclens (near Lausanne).

In order to offer a broader service and to meet the demands of a more demanding clientele, the company decided to diversify its activity in minimal windows and in 2005 became an official partner of Vitrocsa, a manufacturer of prestigious minimal windows.

In 2008, François Staub decides to take up a technical challenge and with the help of his team created a unique piece of "Haute ébénisterie" called Corte Nascosta. More than 7000 hours of work were necessary for this jewelry furniture to finally see the light.

In April 2010, the PME Magazine lists François Staub as one of the "25 entrepreneurs who make La Côte".

In 2020, François Staub decided to reduce the size of his company and to concentrate its activity mainly on the realization of high-end furniture in solid wood and epoxy resin, e.g. table in resin, as well as the creation of prestigious wine cellars.


ATELIERS STAUB SA has endeavored to maintain a medium size in order to favor human contact and proximity with its customers. We are convinced that in order to respond as perfectly and precisely as possible to each of our customers' personalized and singular requests, human contact is essential. We have therefore decided to follow a strategy of differentiation based on the high quality, creativity, exclusivity and uniqueness of each of our creations.

Our goal is to understand, conceptualize and materialize the dream of each of our clients with the greatest perfection.