François Staub is a creative artist, at ease in a multitude of disciplines and means of expression}.

Creativity and know-how

With more than 40 years of activity as the boss of his small business, François Staub has developed a significant know-how allowing him to realize for his customers the most demanding and complicated creations.
ATELIERS STAUB has a solid network of subcontractors, active in a wide variety of sectors, enabling it to carry out the most original projects.

François Staub offers services in the following areas

  • creation of tables in epoxy resin and solid wood objects
  • creation of furniture or contemporary concepts in collaboration with its network of partners.
  • creation of wine cellars and cabinets.
  • Plastic artist, in all fields, paintings, engravings, sculptures, etc ...


Everything is writing and light.

A piece of furniture or a painting is only visible when a light, however small, sends its rays to the object. It is this reality that guides my gestures as well as the composition. The eye of the beholder can then capture the creator's intention through emotions.
François Staub is a creative artist, at ease in a multitude of disciplines and means of expression}.

Creativity and know-how

I attach particular importance to understanding the object created, its utility, its language. To do this, first the drawing, the intention and then the choice of materials, wood, metal, stone, epoxy resin, or others. So many ways to shape a writing. This language of objects, paintings or engravings, is essential and is the very reason for my artistic activity.

A little history

It all began in 1979 in Lausanne when François Staub, a young entrepreneur, decided to set up his own business, EBENISTERIE STAUB. The company quickly became successful and expanded, moving to the industrial zone of Aclens (near Lausanne).

In 2008, François Staub decided to take up an artistic and technical challenge, reviving the great cabinetmakers of the 18th and 19th centuries. With the help of Pascal Cuenot, sculptor and engraver, and Jean-Luc Frey, CNC expert and top of the range cabinetmaker, he created a unique piece of "Haute ébénisterie" called Corte Nascosta. More than 7000 hours of work were necessary for this secret piece of furniture to see the light of day.

In April 2010, the PME Magazine lists François Staub as one of the "25 entrepreneurs who make La Côte".


At the head of a team of 8 to 20 people for 40 years, François Staub decided to return to his original love and to renew contact with the material with his own hands. Thus, since 2017, he now works alone in his workshop.

Favoring human contact and proximity to his customers allows him to express the best of his passion.